Questions most often asked of Shertzer Lawn Care and Landscape.

If your questions aren’t answered here, then please reach out to us and we will answer your questions directly. Your peace of mind matters!

What areas do you serve?2024-03-21T03:02:16-04:00

We offer landscape management services in Lancaster and surrounding neighborhoods in southeast Pennsylvania.

Are your products safe for pets and children?2024-03-21T03:03:56-04:00

All our pest control products are researched and tested for safety around pets and people.  We will leave instructions for you if there are any special requirements for your activity following our applications.

What do you do in the wintertime?2024-03-21T03:04:41-04:00

In the wintertime our staff continues with snow removal, tree services, and other landscape projects as weather permits.  We maintain and upgrade our equipment and facility as needed and devote additional time to technical training and certifications.

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