• Simplicity

  • Variety
  • Emphasis
  • Balance
  • Sequence
  • Scale

Landscape Design and Construction

The Landscape Design Process

We like to walk through your yard with you, and have you explain to us what your goals are for the project. We will make recommendations, and then from there, we will go into the actual design process.

Green Edge Lawn & Landscape, LLC works with a professional designer, when drawing up some of their more extensive designs. Others are designed in-house.

Several things are taken into consideration when implementing a design: simplicity, variety, emphasis, balance, sequence, and scale.


or ‘simple designs’ allow you to focus on something that is familiar. One example of simplicity is repetition. Almost always, we design several plants of the same variety to achieve this simple look.


allows the designer to add the different colors and textures needed to make the design complete. A good design does not have too much variety that will make the overall landscape look confused.


is used to draw attention to a particular area in the landscape design. The designer must use variety to draw attention to the area that is being emphasized, while less important areas receive less notice.


sets the mood of your landscape. Symmetrical plantings (plantings which mirror each other) give a more formal feel, while asymmetrical plantings (plantings that use unequal sizes) give a casual feel.


causes your landscape picture to change gradually, which prevents anything startling that would cause the sequence to be lost.

Scale or proportion

takes the size of the building and area to be landscaped, and adjusts the plant size accordingly. Areas can be made to look larger or smaller just by changing the proportion to scale.

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