Hardscape Design and Installation

Are you wanting to landscape a new property, update your existing property, or do you have a problem area that you need to find a solution for? Here are some things to consider:


Take a minute to look in our photo gallery at the many different wall choices. Walls are a very essential part of the landscape here at the Lake of the Ozarks. They are most often used to level off steep slopes, but can also be incorporated into planting areas, seating walls, and water features. We excavate for the wall and tightly pack a layer of small rock, before we begin to build. Then we painstakingly lay each stone or block, making sure that each one is level and appealing to the eye. In taller walls, we install a layer of grid to help strengthen the wall. If a natural look is what appeals to you, ledge rock or Missouri field stone is what is most commonly used. There are also some very nice natural-looking manufactured stones available. In choosing a block, you will need to decide on a color and if you want a tumbled block or not.

Paths & Stepping Stones

Paths give you the ability to tie your landscape together. Flagstone paths lend a natural look to your walkway. Paver paths are another option. Pavers can be laid in many creative patterns. Stepping stones can blend flawlessly into any landscape.


Outdoor lighting is the best way to display your landscape at night. Lighting can be used to display certain key points, such as a water feature, a walk path, or even particular bushes or trees. We install low-voltage lighting, and tie it to a photo-cell which automatically governs the lighting times.


A landscape is not complete without some trees, shrubs, and perennials that are typical here in Central Missouri. The key to successful plantings is to start out with high-quality plant material. Our goal is to provide you with the best quality and the nicest sizes, for the most reasonable price. All of our plantings are treated with a root stimulator solution that reduces the initial transplant shock to the root system. If you have a problem with deer in your area, we like to recommend our list of deer resistant plants. Irrigation Systems

At Green Edge Lawn & Landscape LLC, we have phased out of installing irrigations systems. We feel that working with an irrigation professional, allows us more time to put into each detail of the overall landscape project. Contact us for a recommendation of an irrigation professional in your area.

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